I work in the paving industry and am very passionate about the paving industry in South Africa. I have seen paving that has been installed in South Africa many years ago which is still functional and beautiful. When you work in the paving industry you tend to always look down (At the paving). Yes, it is sad, I know. In the process I have seen beautiful paving installations throughout the world. I have also seen failed paving. Unfortunately I have seen more failed paving in South Africa than anywhere else.

I believe it is because of a lack of training. Currently there is no place where a paving contractor could receive formal training on paving. A manufacturer recently sponsored the ICPI paving course in South Africa.

Hence I decided to start this website for South Africans interested in paving inspired by my good friend Tony McCormack from pavingexpert.com. I do not in any way insinuate that I know as much as Tony and will link to his website for more information on technical subjects. I just felt that South Africa needed a local reference to the correct installation of paving, kerbs and anything associated together with materials used.