Selecting a Paving Contractor

Drive past any large hardware store in South Africa and you will see at least one guy with “paving” listed as a skill on his placard (amongst others). Unfortunately, because there is no formal training for installers of paving in South Africa, the craft of installing paving has diminished to a “minefield” of people claiming to be paving installers but are nothing more than scammers.

Let’s make it simple:

The strength (load bearing ability) of paving does not come from the bricks…it comes from the layers beneath the paving.

Please visit the website of any paving association in the world and look at their installation guidelines. All of them say the same thing about the installation of paving.

Do not believe a contractor that says it is different in South Africa…It is not.

Therefore, the most important layer in a paving installation is the foundation layer or so called sub base. This is material that compacts extremely well. In South Africa, generally we call this material G5. Please note…The sub base is not the layer of river sand on which the paving is installed.

I came across this excellent brochure, developed by a paving manufacturer, which guides you through the process of selecting a proper paving contractor.