Which paving bricks should I select for my driveway?

The most important consideration when it comes to selecting paving blocks for a driveway, is the thickness and strength of the pavers.

Never use 40mm thick pavers on a driveway. It is not thick enough to withstand vehicular traffic. When the paving installer says he often installs 40mm thick paving without any problems, he is lying through his teeth. You want your driveway to last for 50 years…Don’t use inferior materials.

When selecting concrete (or so-called cement paving bricks), ensure that the manufacturer complies with the South African National Standard. See this article concerning the national standard and possible pitfalls.

Simulated stone cobbles do not have a national standard governing its quality. Therefore, ensure you buy from a reputable supplier. When one supplier is much cheaper than another, there’s good reasons why.

50 – 60mm thick pavers are recommended for residential driveways. It is important to note that a residential driveway is still a road. It carries vehicular traffic (irrelevant of the quantity). Therefore, what goes on under the paving bricks is probably more important than the pavers itself. (Just like a road.) If road building material is installed and well compacted underneath the paving blocks, you are 70% there. You paving won’t sag and break. It should last for 50 years (if maintained).